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Guidance and Counselling

We counsel you on:

  • Admissions process and opportunities at various afiliated Universities across the globe.
  • Selecting most suitable course, institution and country.
  • Selecting a course suited to your ability through academic assessment.
  • Selecting a course based on your career aspiration.
  • Rules and regulations of your intended host school and country.
  • Provide information on work, study and job opportunities.

We provide one-on-one admissions counseling to diverse populations it occurs primarily by in-person appointments, phone calls and emails. Review and score application essays and other materials submitted by applicants for the purposes of making admission decisions.

Corporate Office HQ

 Bakery Supermarket Plaza,
2nd Floor, Right Wing,
1st Avenue, Festac Town,
Lagos, Nigeria

Phone and Email

 +234 (09) 038944464
 +234 (0) 9057644711
 +234 (0) 9061606751
 +234 (0) 8164929269
 +234 (0) 8122452687

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